Inland Shipping

Unique expertise 

TankMatch organises the transport of goods by rail, river and canal and via the seaports of Europe. We serve customers from high-end chemical and mineral industries every day. By doing so, we are a crucial logistics link in the European economy. 

Our Inland Shipping department has two offices: one in Werkendam (the Netherlands) and one in Hamburg (Germany). Our Werkendam office concentrates on the transport of (liquid) chemicals on the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam (ARA) routes, and on the Rhine. Our office in Hamburg specialises in the transport of mineral oil products over German waterways. It goes without saying that both offices offer our entire range of transport means. 

What binds the teams is their unique expertise in waterborne transport. With short lines, reliable communications and competitive rates, TankMatch’s aim is to have long-term relationships with private ship owners as well as our clients. 

Our specialists

TankMatch comprises a motivated team of more than 30 specialists, divided over two offices: one in Werkendam and one in Hamburg. Our people have extensive experience and expertise in tanker and inland shipping. We have in-depth knowledge of the market and work together with a set selection of private ship owners. In close consultation with our customers, we offer suitable and reliable solutions for all transport requirements. 

Team werkendam Team Hamburg